> CONGRATULATIONS! With completion of your project, Blue Sky Remodeling
> (Contractor), now proudly presents you with a Non-transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty!
> Contractor will repair or replace, at Contractor's option, any latent defects in material or
> workmanship as judged by the standards of construction written in the “Residential Construction
> Performance Guidelines, 3rd Edition – Contractor’s Reference”. (See Fig. 1) A latent defect is
> defined as one which was not apparent at the time of completion of the punch list. Reasonable
> matches or substitutions shall be accepted by the Customer.
> Repair work (except for emergencies) shall be done during the Contractor's normal
> working hours. Customer agrees to provide Contractor or any subcontractor with access to the
> project site and the presence of a responsible adult with the authority to approve the repair and
> sign the repair ticket upon completion of the repair. Work that is deemed not covered by the
> warrantee will be identified and a cost for repair provided to owner, prior to any work being
> completed. Expenses or trip fees may be assessed at time of visit for work that is not defective
> per standards listed above.
> This Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover any bodily injury, damage to personal
> property, or damage to real property that is not part of the project. It also does not cover damages
> resulting from soil/geo-technical movement, water table or non-compliant grading, fires, floods,
> storms, electrical malfunctions, micro-organisms or fungus (including rotting of any kind), mold,
> mildew, solid, liquid, or gas pollutant/contaminants, radon, accidents, acts of God, or, in addition, any
> peril for which a reasonable Customer would be insured. Further, it does not cover damage to the
> extent that it is caused or made worse by: (i) alterations, abuse, or misuse of the covered items by
> any person; (ii) failure to observe any warnings, recommendations, or operating instructions;
> negligence, overloading, improper maintenance or improper operation by any person other than
> Contractor (or its subcontractors, agents or employees); (iii) malfunction of equipment, appliances, or
> other items not warranted by Contractor, or lines of the telephone, gas, power or water companies;
> (iv) failure to give written notice to Contractor about any defect within five (5) calendar days of
> becoming aware of the suspected deficiency; (v) changes in site grading or improper landscaping by
> anyone other than Contractor (or its subcontractors, agents or employees); (vi) any defect in, or
> caused by, materials supplied by anyone other than Contractor (including its agents, employees and
> subcontractors); (vii) items that were inspected and accepted by Customer at the time of the walk
> through unless the item is a latent defect or noted on the punch list; (viii) normal wear and tear,
> normal deterioration, and normal contraction, shrinkage or expansion; or (ix) dry rot, termite or insect
> damage, or damage caused by birds, rodents, or animals.
> With respect to any claim whatsoever asserted by the Customer against the Contractor, the
> Customer understands that Customer shall have no right and hereby waives the right to recover or to
> seek to recover from Contractor, and it is agreed that Contractor shall not be liable
> for any: (i) incidental, consequential, secondary or punitive damages; (ii) damages for aggravation,
> mental anguish, emotional distress; or (iii) attorneys fees, costs or expenses; (iv)
> costs of shelter, transportation, food, moving, storage, or any other incidental expenses related to
> relocation during repair, or any other costs due to loss of use, inconvenience, or annoyance. The>
> foregoing provisions shall also apply if loss or damage results directly or indirectly to persons or
> property from the performance or failure to perform obligations imposed by the Agreement, or from
> strict liability, negligence, active or otherwise, of Contractor, its agents or employees.
> Specific exclusions to this warrantee include but are not limited to (i) plumbing and lighting
> fixtures, appliances, fireplaces, or other equipment covered by original manufacturer; (ii) all materials
> and labor not provided by contractor, (iii) items specifically excluded per contract specifications or
> change order.
> I am pleased that we have reached this point, and you are happy with your new
> space! I hope our relationship, however, will continue for a very long time. I value
> your business very much, but more importantly, your satisfaction. My business thrives
> on happy clients, and that is what I strive for on each and every project. My goal is that
> each client is 100% satisfied and perhaps surprised, that the project was stress free and
> finishes exactly as we intended; on budget and on time. Some of my clients have
> referred several of their friends and family to me, and in return we continue
> communication and I am able to remain close by, to answer any questions or provide
> any support to either the new space or more likely, existing parts of the home that need
> updating! Please feel free to contact me by either email or phone if you ever need any
> help, and if you know of anyone looking to remodel their home, or build a new one,
> please remember to pass along my name and I will certainly take extra special care of
> them, for you!
> Congratulations, and enjoy your new space!
> Adam Rossi, President
> C U S T O M S O L U T I O N S F O R Y O U R H O M E
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